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Covid-19 vaccine transparency

WE, conscious and informed citizens - having already seen several scandals caused by Big Pharma - intend to recall a few simple and indisputable principles, intended to promote the interest of all in the face of Covid-19.

The urgency of the fight against the coronavirus does not justify all the exemptions. The need to revive the economic machine must not expose the population to indeterminate side effects or uncertain benefits, which can only be verified through transparency of data.

The temptation of the authorities to create a vaccination obligation, even through a vaccination passport, should not override public freedoms. Secrecy - allegedly business - and the opacity of decisions taken by distant authorities are sources of legitimate questions and necessary checks.

Faced with an uncertain benefit-risk balance, there is no question of offering vaccine manufacturers absolute impunity. Transparency requires direct access to data to verify the validity of the decisions taken. Our voices are rising to hold the European authorities to account.

It is necessary to give citizens and MEPs access:

  • To the entire marketing authorization files known as AMM (conditional) for vaccines, filed in particular with the European Medicines Agency (EMA);
  • Vaccine purchasing contracts between the European Commission and the main vaccine manufacturers;
  • The privileges granted to manufacturers to see their responsibility borne by the community if their products were defective.

We are not guinea pigs. With our families, we are the first to be affected. We demand that these elements all be made public. In the absence of the European Commission playing the game of transparency, we reserve the right to take collective legal action in order to obtain the required information.

As citizens who have signed this petition, we also reserve the right to take collective legal action in order to be protected against compulsory vaccination and in particular against the establishment of a “Health pass” conditioning the exercise of our fundamental freedoms to proof of Covid-19 vaccination.

The project “Covid-19 vaccine transparency

From the petition to the European citizens' initiative
through collective action

  • Amicable request

    50,000 signatories

    Coming together and counting to weigh on decision-makers by freeing them from the yoke of lobbies. Cast out the politics of fear and replace it with the politics of trust.

    From 50,000 petitioners, an amicable request for communication of documents will be initiated. It will aim to obtain the conditional marketing authorization (MA) files as well as the entire contracts with manufacturers (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson). This work is done free of charge by the team.

  • Collective action

    250,000 signatories

    Act, beyond the petition, through legal action. Push opponents into their contradictions in order to win their case against the opacity of information.

    From 250,000 petition signatories, collective action will be offered to petitioners who wish, especially if the European administration has not played the game of transparency.

    When opening the action, each petitioner will have the opportunity to choose between:

    1. Remain a simple signatory of the petition (free);
    2. Or register for collective action for Covid-19 vaccine transparency (with contribution),
      and, optionally, act against the health pass or even the vaccination obligation (with an additional contribution) that Europe intends to introduce.

  • Collective intelligence

    500,000 signatories

    In the Tobacco Papers case, cigarette manufacturers were ordered to disclose 80 million pages of documents. Through the work of academics, this mountain of information has been transformed into evidence in the service of the common good.

    In order not to be overwhelmed by the mass of documents, we will propose from 500,000 petitioners for any documents obtained to share them with the international scientific community.

    On the Covid-19, the ANSM (National Medicines Safety Agency in France) declared that the dossier for a single vaccine represented « the equivalent of a 33 tonnes and hundreds of thousands of pages ».

  • European Citizens' Initiative

    1,000,000 signatories

    Vaccination is only one avenue and other forms of disease control, including treatment, including generic drugs, should not be ruled out.

    We will propose to launch a European Citizens' Initiative in order to impose a double imperative on the European Commission:

    • On the one hand, fair access to all proven treatments between EU member countries,
    • On the other hand, offer the guarantee that there will be no vaccine obligation with Covid-19.

    This balance aims the European objectives of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law, as well as respect for human rights (article 2 of the Treaty on European Union).